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As social media feeds get more visual by the day, multimedia content has never been a more essential component of effective brand communications. Our video production services ensure your content gets seen by taste-makers and decision makers—and that they spread our message. Our content goes beyond words to tell stories, tapping into emotion to create the urge to share. And we deliver this content at the speed of trending content to keep up with the news cycle.


Seattle video production philosophy

Many other Seattle video production companies approach video differently, citing the industry standard of "if we build it, they will come." Instead, PR Hacker Seattle audits what kind of content our target audience is already sharing. Then, we build a piece of content that is similar while adding shareable value.

Additionally, since the content that goes viral on Facebook is different from what is likely to spread across Twitter or Pinterest, we always tailor a piece of content to its end destination, whether it's on social media or strictly on your blog. Video SEO might be a mystery to many, but we know exactly what will get your videos seen through search on each platform. With our roots in public relations, we're also experts at adding effective hooks to our videos to make sure we grab an audience's attention and keep it throughout our video. Sometimes all it takes to get an audience to engage with a video is an interesting thumbnail. However, other times it requires a stunt like outfitting Mashable with a kitty tech correspondent (yes, that was us).


Seattle video production process

A video is useless if it doesn't communicate a brand's essential message—even if that brand doesn't know what it is. At PR Hacker Seattle, before we even create a video, we help brands find their pride points.

Then, we communicate them through shareable, visual stories. We infuse each of these stories with emotion, whether it's tugging on the heartstrings or evoking laughter. Then, we hit viewers with our brand message, leaving them begging for the next story. Each piece of video content is created with an eye to our client's milestones, which inform the message we communicate. From driving app downloads to raising awareness, we can expertly tailor our CTA's to drive different types of action.


Seattle location

Our location in the heart of Seattle gives us access to several wonderful filming locations. We can shoot a viral video in the heart of the bustling city—but we can also film with the background of the stunning Cascade Mountains and Elliot Bay. We incorporate these twin influences to create all of our content, whether we're filming in front of Westlake Park or Westlake Center.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

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