Seattle Influencer Marketing

Our Seattle office provides holistic influencer marketing services to all types of companies from large to small.

We have a huge network of the top Seattle influencers like bloggers and social media stars and cull specific segments for each of these companies—allowing us to spread your message around Seattle with our public relations capabilities without sounding too promotional or gimmicky. In addition to hand-picking influencers for your need, we also tailor each aspect of our organic, earned-value influencer marketing programs—whether you're a pet food CPG or a small Seattle startup—to achieve the quickest path to ROI.


Our influencer marketing philosophy

Our influencer strategy differs from many Seattle influencer marketing agencies on one important point—paid influencer outreach doesn't work. That's because paid influencer outreach is transactional in nature. In contrast, organic outreach builds deeply loyal fans.

To this end, we continually cultivate deeper relationships with each of our influencers. From food influencers, to mom bloggers, we attend their events, and we even invite them to ours! But you won't see Kim Kardashian at our events—we strongly believe in the disproportionate leverage of up-and-coming influencers instead of established and famous figures.

This is because these influencers have an exploding base of fans who are much more engaged than paid followers—and they're overlooked by most agencies. We cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with these up-and-coming tastemakers to foster loyalty and increase engagement without over-selling our product. And we segment these influencers by location, vertical, and format to find the perfect ones for your brand.


Seattle influencer marketing process

We start by working closely with your brand to identify your campaign goals. For example, do you want people to download your app, or are you motivated by direct sales?

Once we have a goal in mind, we initiate multi-channel discovery across channels like Instagram and Facebook to choose the influencers that have the right audience, focus and social media focus to help us achieve them. When we've identified the best influencers for your campaign, we'll provide them with text, visual and video content that helps them entertain their audience.

The content provides some sort of early access to our client's product, or a fun incentive for using it. The end result is beautiful, compelling posts that prominently feature a client's brand message, contain links to their website, and highlight visuals that followers will want to share.


Seattle location

We're located in the heart of downtown Seattle, next to some of the most Instagrammable spots in the state. From Westlake Park from the stunning backdrop of the Cascade Mountains and Elliot Bay, our influencers have plenty to work with in the way of scenery.

Our more urban influencers are excited by the fact that we're right across the street from Nordstrom's headquarters, while our foodies get excited about the allrecipes corporate office a block away. We're so privileged to be a part of our influencer's lives, and to host them in such a central Seattle spot.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.