Seattle Social Media Marketing Agency

Our Seattle social media marketing department offers social growth, community management, and content creation services across all major social media marketing platforms—this includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and other networks.

Since Seattle is a growing hub for businesses from startups to major CPGs, our creatives specialize in social media for businesses of all sizes. We also can run both B2B and B2C channels—using our intimate knowledge of the content cycle to engage different audiences. We've filmed viral videos, scientifically tested call to actions and more for companies like pet food CPGs, beauty, style, finance, and even tech.


Our social media company philosophy

Our "multichannel storytelling" method has turned virality into a science.

Whether we're working with an up-and-coming musician or a huge CPG brand, we work to consistently convey your core brand messages over time. Unlike other media companies in Seattle, we keep these messages top of mind with character development, story arcs, and dramatic tension across multiple social channels.

Storytelling is an art, but it's also a science. And that's how we approach it—targeting different audiences with different content to figure out the perfect call to action or discover how to activate different emotions.


Our social media marketing process

At PR Hacker Seattle, we're a digital agency with the bloodlines of a viral PR firm.

We believe in the 24 minute news cycle—so we produce topical content at the speed of news. We start by deep-diving into each of your social channels, getting a feel for brand voice and tone. Then, we give you an editorial calendar comprised of content loaded with viral, emotional, and sharing triggers.

Unlike other social media agencies, we'll create your first piece of content within a couple days. Over the coming months, our creatives will work to create different types of content for your target audience segments—whether they're investors or casual consumers.


Seattle location

Located in the heart of Seattle, we're constantly inspired by our surroundings—whether that's one of the many fun museums around us or the original Starbucks right around the corner! We're neighbors with such iconic locations as the Puget Sound and the Seattle Public Library, but we're also surrounded by small startups that will soon be household names. At PR Hacker, we're creating the next superstar brands.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.