Toronto Influencer Marketing Agency

Some of Canada's top influencers live and work in Toronto. Chances are if you have someone in mind to promote your business, we know them, or know someone who does. It doesn't matter if you're a scrappy start-up looking for mass media coverage, or a major investment bank looking to re-brand—we have you covered.

Every influencer marketing campaign we launch is built on relationships between likeminded people. We don't just hand your money over to celebrities and demand a cheesy gimmick. We search our network of bloggers and social media superstars to find the right voice for your story.


Our influencer agency philosophy

Our influencer network isn't just a spreadsheet. We know every single one of our contacts, and they know us. That's why they trust our brand recommendations, and why our campaigns deliver industry-leading results.

Other agencies follow the "pay to play" model. They pick an influencer based on number of followers, hand them a check, and deliver yet another obvious gimmick. Our influencer agency thinks about the relationships we're developing. Who do we know that would love this app? Or this pasta dish? Or this children's clothing brand?

We also keep an eye peeled for rising stars, as we believe they attract the most engaged fanbases. Kim Kardashian may have a lot of socials followers, but they hardly look to her for meaningful, unbiased advice.


Our influencer marketing process

Before we ask the "hows" of influencer marketing, we determine the "whys." We work with your top team to establish why exactly you're pursuing this marketing channel, vs. others. What do you hope to accomplish, in concrete, measurable terms?

Then, and only then, do we craft a campaign around your unique objectives—and keep you updated on our progress.

Our success boils down not only to meaningful personality matches, but also the content we hand off to our network. We tell your story through a set of thoughtful posts, meaningful images, and juicy video narratives. This is the type of content that turns an influencer's followers into your fans.


Toronto location

Toronto is the headquarters of Canadian business, and we're located smack-dab in the middle. Our local coffee shop is full of big personalities and big players. If you have someone in mind to promote your business, chances are we know them, or know someone who does. So if you’re looking for a dynamic influencer marketing agency look no further than PR Hacker Toronto.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.