Washington D.C. Crisis Communications & Reputation Management Firm

You can't predict when and where a crisis may occur. But you can be prepared.

PR Hacker stays one step ahead, working proactively with your top team to build a concrete but flexible response plan to crises—wherever they spring up. Having a clear procedure in place can put out a wildfire before it gets out of control.

Our crisis communications philosophy

A. Control the controllable

A. React with speed

News travels fast—and bad news fastest of all. PR Hacker responds to negative press in real time, effectively throwing water on wildfires before they start. But we're more than just an effective reactive —we also flag and remove problematic branding or policies before they become problems.

B. Control the controllable

You can't control when a crisis will strike. But you can control how you respond. We build out clear-cut procedures, triggered at the speed of a rogue tweet or unflattering news article. Good planning is the key to fast, effective counter-measures.

C. Think national, act local

PR Hacker is a national firm that knows how to sway local storytelling. A story may emerge under two radically headlines in two different cities, depending on local demographics. We use our city by city press and influencer connections to get your side of the story heard where it matters.

Our Washington D.C. Location

Our Washington DC office is just blocks from the White House. We understand what crisis looks like—and how to handle it. So if you’re looking for a national agency with a local presence to help you with your reputation management needs, look no further than PR Hacker Washington, D.C.

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