Washington DC Influencer Marketing

Washington DC is home to the highest concentration of influence in the world. Decisions made here—whether in conference rooms or over dinner—ripple out to the farthest corners of the world. We work with clients of all sizes, across all industries, in every corner of the city—spreading their brand message to the right audience on the right channels. However, we never slip into gimmick territory. Every campaign we run is organic and authentic.

That's because genuine reviews get higher engagement than thinly veiled commercials.


Our influencer marketing agency philosophy

Other DC influencer marketing agencies employ the "pay to play" model. That means they scan your brand website, find the loudest voice they can, and slap together an ad disguised as a review.

At PR Hacker we understand effective influencer marketing runs on meaningful relationships. Before anything else, we sit down with your team to understand what makes you... you. What is your history as a company? What are your goals? How do you see the world, and how do you want to change it?

Then, and only then, do we connect you to influencers—folks who share your values, not just your zip-code. We also find influencers on the cusp of "viral fame," because we believe they have more engaged fanbases than the Kim Kardashians of the world.


Our influencer marketing process

We never begin a campaign without first defining what success looks like. What goals are your company trying to achieve through influencer marketing, and how can we measure them.

Only after we've answered these questions do we begin the influencer search: diving into our thousands strong network across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube to identify which influencers share your values, and carry weight in your target market.

Next, we draft the content that's going to turn our influencers' fans into your fans. This can be anything from a thoughtful blog piece on cryptocurrency to a viral cat video. We offer our influencers early access to your products, ensuring their reviews are well-informed and heartfelt.


Washington location

You'll find PR Hacker Washington mere blocks from the White House. In the coffee shop next door you'll find government affairs officials rubbing elbows with edtech entrepreneurs. Our Washington network is big, and only getting bigger. So if you’re looking for a national influencer agency with a local presence to help you with your influencer marketing needs, look no further than PR Hacker Washington, D.C.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.