Washington DC's Top CSR Agency

Washington DC is the seat of national power—home to all manner of leading think-tanks and NGOs. But deep thought must be coupled with effective action. That's where PR Hacker Corporate Social Responsibility team comes in: to activate your ideals and help you help the world.

Our CSR philosophy

A. Play to strengths

Just as every person has a unique set of talents and experiences, every company has a unique background, team, and set of resources. We name these, and then figure out where we can leverage them to achieve disproportionate impact.

B. Results not words

Customers can sniff out authentic charitable action from mere back-patting. We place your company's unique culture and values at the heart of our CSR campaigns to ensure the messaging stays authentic and 100% on-brand.

C. Make yourself heard

Even well thought out CSR campaigns are ineffective if nobody hears about them. National change requires national reach. Global change requires global reach. PR Hacker packages your campaign into a story that's begging to be shared, which means it will be seen by the right people on the right platforms.

Our Washington DC Location

Our Washington, D.C. office is just a few blocks from the White House—helping us to think global but act local. Everyone from CPGs to NGOs can rely on PR Hacker to deliver a world changing CSR campaign.

Let's change the world together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.