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PR Hacker Detroit has worked with companies of all sizes—from global CPGs to scrappy B2C start-ups—to help them tell their story. Once we've hashed out your brand, we work to get it out there, with a combination of industry leading social media marketing, influencer marketing, and national PR.

As one of the top creative agencies in Detroit, we work with your top team to establish concrete, measurable brand goals, and work these in to our branding process from logo to landing page. When we're done, your audience is going to remember exactly who you are, exactly what you do, and exactly why they should choose you over the competition.


Detroit branding strategy

Nobody knows your company better than you—you live and breathe your own brand. But that's exactly why a fresh pair of eyes can be so helpful, to clearly identify what makes you different from competitors, and shape those pride-points into a simple, sellable story.

Only after we've worked out the big questions of identity and strategy to we get down to the smaller choices of color, font, and voice. That's what we call our proprietary "outside > in" process:

  • 1. Reality Check: We thoroughly assess the state of the market, and the competitive landscape your brand plays in.
  • 2. Audience: We run flash consumer surveys (completed in 48 hours or less) to determine what motivates difference customer segments to act.
  • 3. Promise: We distill the promise your brand makes to its customers, and define a strategy to live up to that promise. We also audit your competitors' promises, to make sure you're standing out from the crowd.
  • 4. Brand Story: Finally we arrive at a name and story that really brings your brand to life, driving home the things that make your business unique in simple, human language.


Detroit branding and graphic design

Detroit branding and graphic design
Once we've worked out an overarching strategy, we get down to the brass tacks of simple yet surprising brand visuals:

  • 1. We stake out our visual territory by crafting images that illustrate your story at a glance.
  • 2. We establish a set of brand identity guidelines exploring, how we'll use color, font, and iconography—and how you'll continue to use them internally once our job is done.
  • 3. We hash out our logo, creating a central visual concept that brings your brand to life.
  • 4. We define what image we want to present your customers, creating guidelines for your company's voice and personality. Are you bubbly, informative, inspiring, efficient?


Detroit agency location

Our Detroit office is located in downtown Detroit, home of some of America's most iconic brands. We're mere steps from the Q line, and can use both our local presence and national reach to help with all your marketing and brand strategy needs.


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