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The Motor City is always changing— and so is Google's algorithm.

If your company isn't staying abreast of recent development, you may drop in the rankings, losing traffic and revenue. PR Hacker keeps our finger on the SEO pulse, reacting in real-time to ensure you stay #1 for your most important search terms.

Our SEO Philosophy

A. Good UX = good SEO

User Experience is Google's #1 ranking signal—good UX means higher engagement, higher retention, and more organic traffic. If users click on your page and bounce, you're going to get kicked down to page 2 or lower. That's why PR Hacker tests your usability before we make content recommendations—ensuring visitors to your site get exactly what they want, fast.

B. Good writing = good SEO

While some agencies knock out reams of mediocre content, stuff them with keywords, and call it a day, PR Hacker understands good writing is good SEO. Strunk and White is as relevant in SEO as it is in journalism. Clear, well-written content informs Google of your topic, and keeps users coming back, weeks, months, and years down the road.

C. Good partners = good SEO

Link-building partnerships with reliable, relevant, and reputable players in your space are key to visibility and long term health. Other agencies think transactionally, flooding your website with spammy —often paid— backlinks in hopes of a short term boost. We think in terms of value added: how can we be helpful to our partners, so they naturally want to link to our content?

Our Detroit location

You can find us a skip and a hop from the Q line, right off of Campus Martius Park. So if you’re looking for a national SEO marketing agency with a local presence to help you with your SEO/SEM needs, look no further than PR Hacker Detroit.

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