Miami Branding Agency

At PR Hacker Miami we work with all sizes of businesses across all industries. We've helped huge name clients downtown, as well as scrappy start-ups on "the new silicon beach." We help distill your brand identity, spread your message, and track the results—all with an eye to maximizing your marketing ROI.


Our branding philosophy

We're the top creative agency in Miami. This is because we have vast multi-disciplinary experience that adds to our branding expertise. Other agencies focus on small visual details, while ignoring the big picture of what makes your brand special, who your customers are, and how you can achieve your business goals.

PR Hacker works with an "outside > in" branding process, unique among digital agencies. We sit down with your top team to hash out the important stuff, before hopping in to granular design and messaging work.

  1. Competitive landscape: Who are your competitors ? What are they doing well? Where can you beat them out?
  2. Customer landscape: Who are your customers? What are their fears, hopes, and motivations?
  3. Value proposition: Who are you as a company? What can you offer customers that others can't?
  4. Voice & identity: How can you communicate your identity to customers? What's the right tone of voice? What are the right channels?


Our branding process

Once we've answered all the big strategic questions, we move on to graphic design and brand visuals: your company's skin. We create a consistent visual identity across iconography, font, logo, product photography, and video—as well as a complete visual style-guide to reference moving forward.

  1. Visual landscape: What visual landscape does your company play in? What are other brands doing?
  2. Faces and places: What images — photographs, footage — communicate who you are? Should we use juicy photos of your food, or a fireside chat style video interview?
  3. Visual identity: Which colors, fonts, and iconography best capture your brand's unique values, and tell your story at a glance?
  4. The little picture: At long last, we create your logo — after thoroughly getting to know your brand and landscape.


Miami agency location

PR Hacker Miami is located in the urban center of Miami in the Brickell City Centre, walking distance from 8th Street Station, and a stone's throw from the river. If you’re looking for a national branding agency with a local presence to help you do you, look no further than PR Hacker Miami.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.