Miami Experiential Marketing Agency

If you're planning an event in Miami, you have one of America's most exciting cities as your playground. PR Hacker can help you capitalize—working with the city's hottest venues and influencers to create experiences your audience will remember long after they've cut the wristband off.

We've worked with everyone from major CPG brands to scrappy start-ups — with clients on the new "Silicon Beach", all the way to Wynwood. Let us help your company get your name out there.


Our event marketing agency philosophy

PR Hacker is Miami's top experiential marketing agency. We got there by putting the customer first. Who wants to attend an infomercial disguised as a gala? Before planning any event we ask ourselves "what experience will have attendees raving to their friends the next day?" Then, and only then, do we hop into the logistics of planning an unforgettable night.

Once we lock something down on the calendar, we use mass media, public relations, social media, and grassroots outlets to build hype in your community.


Our experiential marketing process

Other experiential marketing agencies just focus on the event. At PR Hacker Miami, we understand our job begins long before the big night, and ends long after. Experiential marketing is not a transaction, it's the basis of a relationship between a company and its customers. That relationship lasts as long as the customer remains engaged.

We prime the pump for our events by alerting your audience weeks beforehand. This frames the event, and builds initial awareness. Then we capture the event itself on video, photo, and live-streams. When the doors close we cut the experience into juicy promotional material, and continue to promote your brand across multiple channels—measuring results, and optimizing our campaign.


Miami location

PR Hacker is located smack dab in the middle of Brickell: a neighborhood packed with terrific experiences. We're a stone's throw from lively bars, packed restaurants, and—of course—the scenic Miami river. If you’re looking for a national experiential marketing agency with a local presence to help you with your marketing and communications needs, look no further than PR Hacker Miami.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.