Miami Video Production Company

We're the best video company in Miami. Why? Because we're less focused on the Hollywood in California, and more focused on the Hollywood just south of Fort Lauderdale. The city of Miami inspires us to put out great video every day—compelling stories that capitalize on local beauty. We understand how to go beyond words, grabbing viewer attention even if they're watching without sound, and ending each view with a call to action that furthers your business's unique goals.


Our video production philosophy

Other video production companies bang out video just to tick a box. We understand effective multimedia strategy revolves around good storytelling, and an eye for data. Before clicking record, we thoroughly research the video landscape to understand what storylines and visual techniques are already working. Then we add some PR Hacker social media secret sauce on top, guaranteeing viral results.

We also understand message has to match medium. Videos that go viral on YouTube would flop on Facebook. We tailor each piece of content to the platform we promote it on, and optimize every piece of content for video SEO. This means your content will get discovered months and years after the initial push.


Our video production process

Even a 30 second video contains multiple stages. There's the grab: where you need to hook your viewer. The story which keeps them engaged. And the ask at the end.

PR Hacker has nailed each stage. We create compelling thumbnails that grab a viewer's attention, then draw them into a well-crafted story, before finally laddering back in to your unique business objectives: be it greater awareness, higher donation rates, or more purchases.

Our storytelling approach rests on keen understanding of human emotion: laughter, optimism, empathy, and curiosity. But our marketing approach is all science: which is why we continue to track and optimize your campaigns long after we click publish.


Miami location

Our location right in the Brickell City Centre places us at the heart of Miami: next to Downtown, Little Havana, and the southern tip of South Beach. Beautiful location inspires beautiful video—so if you’re looking for a national marketing agency with a local presence to help you with your video production services, look no further than PR Hacker Miami.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.