Miami Crisis Communications

Miami is home to a mix of culture and industry from all over the world. Its also a place where mix-ups and misunderstandings happen. That's why PR Hacker Miami is perfectly situated to tackle your internal wildfires, social media skirmishes and misleading press coverage. We have a proven track record of managing, minimizing and resolving business' worst nightmares.

Our crisis communications agency philosophy

A. We're fast and forward-thinking

Bad news will spiral out of control if not managed, and it travels fast. PR Hacker Miami puts the fire out quickly, by responding to negative brand mentions in real time. And once we solve one crisis, we get proactive. We flag problematic elements in your messaging before they cause issues in the future.

B. We build alliances

We're not the only team behind you. PR Hacker recruits heavy-hitters in your space and makes them your allies. So when you're at the center of a messy public debate, your friends down out the critics.

C. We connect with local audiences

Finally, we geo-target messages to help audiences connect with you. National campaigns are important -- but often feel impersonal to audiences. We approach it both ways. In additional to national messaging-- we combat bad press city by city, working with local influencers and journalists to tell your side of the story.

We're located in Miami-- a city full of flavor and big personality. In a company, sometimes this can rub people the wrong way. Luckily, PR Hackers knows how to manage and mitigate crisis, and stop them from happening again in the future.

We stop crisis in it's tracks.

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.