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Miami is a city with international flavor and worldwide admiration. It's full of people who understand what it's like to stand out. Our cutting-edge SEO agency provides you with everything you need to do the same: from top notch content from our in-house pitch/blog writers to back-links from publications like The New York Times and Huffington Post.

Our SEO philosophy

A. Smart UX = good SEO

Nailing User Experience means higher engagement, higher retention, and more organic traffic. UX is also the #1 way to get ranked higher on Google. If users leave as soon as they get to your page you're going to drop to page two...or three...or 50. That's why PR Hacker tests your usability before we make content recommendations. We make sure you're giving visitors what they need to stick around.

B. Powerful writing = good SEO

Stuffing a sentence with keywords may satisfy Google, but that does not mean it's appealing to readers. Our writing informs Google of your topic, while being clear, concise and creating an impact on your readers.

C. Reliable partners = good SEO

Building true partnerships with other players in your space is essential. PR Hacker goes beyond spammy, paid backlinks to developing real connections with reliable, relevant and reputable partners. We make others want to partner with you because of your valuable content—not just for a few bucks. This is key to search visibility and long term off-page health.

Our Miami location

Miami is an international city known for its trendsetting social scene. Now, Miami is doing the same in the SEO world. The competition between SEO agencies doesn't scare us; we like it! It keeps us working our hardest to get you the best results. Plus, there isn't much to complain about when you're surrounded by crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches.

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