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In today’s disrupted, digitized and ‘always-on’ world, it can often be difficult for a new brand or product to stand out. No city illustrates that challenge more than New York, where the best brands in the world are fighting to claim a piece of the skyline—and equally valuable, a place in the consumer's mind.

How do you attract and keep an audience in media environment that's a virtual Times Square? Only by building a compelling, visceral story that defines the unique selling points of your brand. At PR Hacker, we are one of the top branding agencies NYC can offer, and we've mastered the science of forging and learning the visual expression of your brand's story—for veteran New York brands like Citi as well as our startup neighbors in Midtown.


NYC branding philosophy

We think about the key audiences and gatekeepers to these audiences to tease out a brand story that gets and keep their attention. This is the process that worked for our NYC public relations firm, and we applied what learned branding as well.

To create brand identities that are simple, surprising and significant—so they cut through the marketing noise and connect to the human on the other end—we meet with the executive team to define what message is heard, who it reaches, and how it is delivered. We believe an outside perspective is key to understanding the landscape, external forces, and strategic context at play. We use a four-factor  "Outside > In" approach to explore the key components of your brand:

  • 1. Reality Check: Address the state of the market to illustrate the current landscape for stakeholders.
  • 2. Audience: Survey consumers in real-time to identify the audiences most likely to respond to our brand and their key motivation triggers.
  • 3. Promise: Review the promises made by our brand and competitors to bridge the gap between audience needs and our unique brand promise.
  • 4. Brand Story: We examine how users and stakeholders engage with and share our brand story to articulate our core mission and purpose.


New York brand strategy process

With an eye for consistency across channels, we develop the graphics, icons and guidelines that bring the brand strategy to life:

  • Visualization: We identify images that translate the brand story into our own unique visual territory.
  • Values: Exploring color, font, and iconography, we set clear brand identity guidelines.
  • Logo:  We create a unique symbol that represents our brand, including different potential variations and articulations (dark version, light version, avatar, and more)

With the strategy and visual expression of the brand in place, we move on to crafting the assets that make the brand tangible, real, and ready to interact with our audience—including personality and voice—completing an identity that stands out in a fast-paced world. We've been told that we're one of the best branding companies for startups — by startups themselves! This is because we consistently outperform our competition in measurable growth and engagement with our campaigns.


New York City NoMad location

New York: the city of influencers, dreamers, doers, and storytellers. The best brands in the world have been born under its creative heartbeat—a magnetic energy eternally inspiring the young and the brave to forge their crafts, and galvanizing the comfortable to grow skyward. We're right in the thick of it from our NYC office with our complete range of digital services.


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