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With mobile video consumption rising 100% every year, multimedia content has never been a more crucial element of a digital marketing and influencer marketing plan. In our New York office, our creatives conceptualize and shoot videos that activate emotion, tell a gripping story, and compel consumers to share. And we do it all at record speed to keep up with the new 24 minute news cycle.


New York video production philosophy

At PR Hacker New York, we're disrupting video production and event production services by asking a simple question, "What kind of content is our target demographic already sharing?" A typical video production company will create video content that the creators are guessing is shareable. With our background as a PR agency, we're not normal video producers, and that's a good thing.

We add data to the conversation and create an innovative piece of content we can guarantee will be shared—since it's similar to what has already been shared, with more value added to the equation. But content won't share if it's created for the wrong medium. The types of content that go viral on Twitter and Facebook are very different, and these differences are reflected in our content creation strategy. We also back these insights with advanced video SEO and social media marketing, deploying tactics that guarantee your video will be seen through search.

No matter how easy it is to find, content won't go far without an effective hook that spurs sharing on social. We're experts at grabbing attention within the first three seconds of a video—and keeping it until the end. It's all thanks to our innovative hacks—from intriguing thumbnails to hilarious talking cats.


New York video production process

Before we even create a video, we help your brand find its unique selling points—those that truly set you apart and will resonate with viewers. Then, we craft a visual, emotional story around them.

Our stories all activate emotional triggers, which have been proven effective at getting consumers to share. We identify which emotion we're targeting—for example, tugging on the heartstrings or broadcasting an inspirational message—and then activate it throughout our content. Regardless of the emotion, we leave viewers begging for the next story.

These stories are all crafted in conjunction with our brand's larger plan. One of the reasons we're one of the top film production companies in NYC is because we're experts in tying in the entire brand plan into a clear campaign. Distribution is top-of-mind from the time the product is conceived, and the product always speaks to the brand’s positioning.


New York City location

We're located in NoMad, one of the hotspots in the most creative city in the world. Our in-house studio is live-ready, and after shooting a quick video, clients can stop by Madison Square Park or grab a quick coffee by the Flatiron Building.

The couple blocks around our office are a hub for video creatives, whether they're working at Envision Studios, training at the School of Visual Arts, or getting inspiration from the Sony Wonder Technology Labs. We're proud to innovate alongside these creators and shape the future of content in a city famous for its ingenuity.


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