New York City Social Media Company

At our NYC Office, we conduct full content development, fan engagement, and social follower services across all of the major social platforms. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and more. Since NYC has so many companies with so many different disciplines headquartered here, PR Hacker has developed unique social media blueprints and strategies for both B2C and B2B companies.


Our social media content philosophy

We can create viral content on-demand because of our proprietary multichannel storytelling approach. This approach can be applied to any vertical, whether we're promoting a tech app with wearables, or rebranding a finance company.

Our proprietary blueprints makes us one of the top social media agencies in NYC. In coordination with our social media efforts, we also utilize our NYC influencer marketing network to further leverage our social media presence. Because of our breadth of experience from our data-driven methods, we're able to deliver social strategies scientifically tested to deliver results from clients from well-known food brands to mom-and-pop bike shops.

We implement our approach with strategic use of the hero's journey, dramatic tension, and character building to reach our client's followers on many different channels. However, we don't leave results up to chance: We multivariate test each story to see which concepts work best on each platform, and then optimize each individual factor that could cause a potential user to take action. Our stories are geared to trigger emotion, which is the first step in making a connection with a potential user.


NYC social media marketing process

The news cycle is lightning quick.  So we produce engaging content at lightning speed. Whether it's an experiential event, survey, or content marketing, we create high-quality content at lightning speed.

Instead of spending months designing and planning a campaign, we quickly take stock of your current social content and quickly develop a full-fledged content plan designed to engage users. Then, we act on it immediately—using the data insights from our content to optimize our messaging in real-time.

As we continue to gather data, our messaging keeps evolving to match what resonates with customers, and over the course of a few months as we test with different audience segments our campaigns are finely honed. We started as a nimble and scrappy NYC PR firm, and we've applied that mindset to our social media process as well — giving us big agency capabilities with boutique agency care and attention.


NYC NoMad location

We're located in NoMad, with one of the most recognizable buildings in the world—hello Flatiron! It's also an incredible area to liven up your own social media cred — who doesn't like being seen with a Shake Shack in NYC? We've heard the world is your oyster, but we believe NYC is our social-media laboratory. With so many people right outside our door, we get to test our ideas on a large-scale in a short amount of time. We're lucky to be in a city where everyone is pushing the limits of their craft, and we have a chance to add our knowledge to the conversation.


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