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There's a reason PR Hacker was voted the best CSR agency in the world by PR Week 2018.

At our Austin Corporate Social Responsibility Company we help clients across Austin create and manage authentic, transformative CSR campaigns—whether they be targeted at helping the local community, state, or nation. Of course we also align our CSR with your branding and business goals.


Our CSR philosophy

A. We stay authentic

Large companies often launch clearly self-congratulatory or reactive CSR campaigns. At PR Hacker we believe the purpose of CSR is to change the world for the better—and that the change created can be measured, and communicated, in hard metrics.

B. We play to strengths

Every company sees the world through a different pair of eyes—because every company has a unique team, background, and mission. The best CSR campaigns draw on this individuality, aligning charitable initiatives with where brands can create the most impact.

C. We hack virality

Successful CSR depends on viral reach. To help thousands you often must reach millions. We help you reach those millions on a combination of national, local, and social media—drawing on our deep digital marketing and PR expertise.


Our CSR process

1. First we dream

From the outset, we sit down with your top team and figure out what matters to you—if you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? How does your company slot into your local community, the nation, and the world at large? How can we create win-win situations, that both advance your strategic and brand goals while helping humanity?

2. Next we plan

Of course, we're not just dreamers—we're doers. We know how to translate ideals to an actionable plan. What are your CSR campaign's objectives and KPIs? What's the time frame? If you were to summarize the campaign goal in four words—what would those four words be?

3. Then we execute

Finally, we take your campaign and distill it into a compelling, visual story. Video and juicy graphics are PR Hacker's bread and butter. A viral campaign not only brings your company good press, it also maximizes impact in the form of donation, awareness, and new alliances

Austin office location

In the heart of downtown Austin, our office is close to the things we love most about the city—quirky restaurants, vibrant venues, and lush green spaces. It keeps us positive and upbeat, ready to change the world, and always thinking about how.


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