Austin Influencer Marketing Agency

Austin is a city with truly diverse interests. As a leading Austin marketing agency, we provide holistic influencer marketing services that matches companies in any industry with the perfect social media stars.

After working with B2C and B2B business, from big CPG brands to tech startups, we've tested our proprietary influencer marketing program to achieve maximum ROI while cutting costs. Unlike other digital agencies, we build real, organic relationships with influencers who are proud to shout your band message.


Our influencer marketing philosophy

Some influencer marketing agencies take the easy way out. They rely on "pay-to-play" for lukewarm reviews that fail to convert anybody. PR Hacker Austin puts in work to develop truly loyal friendships with our influencers.

You can catch us at their events; and us at their's! Another key difference between our influencer marketing program is that we look beyond follower numbers—we look for audience engagement. An up-and-coming blogger with a committed fan base is much more valuable than a famous Instagrammer who will name-drop your product and leave it. Additionally, we segment influencers by channel, vertical, and location to find the best matches for your brand.


Our influencer marketing process

First, we meet with key stakeholders to align your campaign's goals. Then, we use a discovery method across multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to find the perfect influencers. Not content with following numbers alone, we also analyze by reach and focus.

Then, we craft sample content—video, visuals, and unique text—that engages their audience and spreads your brand message. We give them a sample of your product so they can speak on its benefits (and as a thank you). At the end of our process, we've achieved intriguing, unique content that champions your unique selling points and links to your website—inspiring audiences to explore your brand even further.


Austin location

Since we're located in a central hub of Austin, we're always running into our influencers in hip spots nearby like Searsucker and Figure 8 Coffee. There's no better place to connect with tastemakers—and discover new ones.

Our downtown office is the perfect place for meet ups at Town Lake or one of the music venues on 6th street (not to mention, a parking garage in the building, bike storage, and easy access to bus routes). PR Hacker Austin has a front row seat to history as it's being made—and we're crafting it ourselves.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.