Austin Branding and Design Agency

PR Hacker Austin is your brand's first stop in crafting a unique brand story. Whether you're in the music business or the tech scene, we dive into all the elements of branding a message to convey your USPs (unique selling points). We go beyond eye-catching logos—we work across different mediums to give you ownable visual territory. Located in bustling downtown Austin, our clients range from Austin media agencies to life science services to major CPG brands.


Our creative branding philosophy

To determine what message is heard, though which channels, and by which audiences, PR Hacker believes an outside perspective is key. Based on our experience as a digital PR firm, we forge brand identities that are simple, surprising, and significant.

The first step in our process involves meeting with the executive team and other stakeholders to determine a brand's key components. We seek to understand the landscape, strategic context, and external forces at play using a a four-factor "Outside > In" discovery process:

  • Market: What competition exists in the current market? Who are the key players?
  • Audience: What audiences are most likely to engage with our brand, and how do we motivate them?
  • Promise: What promises are being made by our competitors? What promises are being made by our brand—and are we keeping those promises?
  • Story: How do users will engage with and share our story? How does our story convey our mission?


Our graphic design process

With the brand story developed, we create its visual elements, including graphic designs, icons and guidelines, with an eye for consistency across mediums:

  1. We translate our brand story into a visual format, defining our visual territory.
  2. We explore the iconography, colors, and fonts convey our brand values to set our brand identity guidelines.
  3. We identify a unique, central design symbol that represents our brand for our logo.

After we've crafted the visual elements, we define the intangible elements, like personality and voice, that will bring our brand to life.


Austin location

Our Austin office is only blocks away from landmarks like the Texas Capitol, the Contemporary Austin Jones Center, and Voodoo Doughnuts. Plus, we're right on the corner of what's arguably the most fun stretch of downtown: 6th Street. We draw on all of these influences—historic, sleek, or quirky—to inspire the voices and assets of our Austin clients. We're in the heart of the city—and ready to connect your brand to the rest of the world.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.