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Austin has established itself as a hub for creative masterminds, and PR Hacker is proud to stand at the center of this video Renaissance. We've studied—and invented—techniques that get your content noticed and keep your audience excited for more. Social media is getting faster and more visual every day, and traditional video production strategies can't keep up with the pace. Many audiences don't even watch with sound—so our team creates content that goes beyond words to tell your story, all while beating the lightning speed of today's 24 hour news cycle.

Our video marketing philosophy

If an agency pours time and money into producing a video, and no one watches it, did they even create anything? If an event production company throws an party, and no one shows up, did the party even happen?

PR Hacker does things differently. Instead of throwing darts and hoping to hit our targets, we figure out what kind of content our audience already loves. After conducting an audit, we "reverse engineer" the product, adding value to a proven hit so audiences can't help but share.

Once we've ensured our video will be seen by the right people, we optimize the channel. As Marshall McLuhan said: "The medium is the message." Viral content on Facebook is a whole different breed than viral content on Twitter. Other agencies consider video SEO as an afterthought, but PR Hacker always deploys tactics that guarantee your video is popular on search — no matter the medium. Finally, we've mastered adding attention-grabbing hooks that beg viewers to click. We beat that 2-3 second bounce rate with a compelling story that keeps viewers engaged until they click "share."


Our video production process

Does your brand know its key messages? If you don't, you can't do proper video marketing, your content will fall short, and eventually revenue will suffer. That's why discovery is the first step in our process. We help you unlock your unique selling points. Then, we match them with different types of emotions to inspire reactions. Whether it's heartbreak or humor, well-conveyed emotions separate an advertisement from a story. Always aim for a story—stories get shared. Emotions are the vehicle for delivering your message while bringing value to the user—which compels them to share, and converts them to a loyal fan of your brand.


Austin location

In the heart of downtown Austin, our office is close to the things we love most about the city—quirky restaurants like Voodoo Doughnuts, the vibrant music scene on 6th street, and beautiful green spaces around Town Lake. These sites not only make for very photogenic filming locations, but they let us connect to the people of Austin who make the city what it's all about. We can shoot a man-on-the-street style video around the Texas State Capital, or use the Colorado River as a gorgeous backdrop.


Let's create amazing together

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