Austin Media Planning Agency

Austin — AKA the Silicon Hills. Exciting companies flock to the city every day, making it easier and easier to get lost in the shuffle if your media strategy isn't up to snuff. PR Hacker uses a proven, results-driven method to maximize the ROI of every marketing dollar you spend.


Our Austin media planning philosophy

A. We understand people

To spend the right money, you need to know who you're spending it on. Some segments respond well to television ads, some will switch off the TV. PR Hacker dives in to your ideal target audience, analyzing not just observable data—like age and gender—but psychological makeup.

B. We understand data

Unlike other media planning firms we'll never make a recommendation without a quantitative argument to back it up. In the age of data there's no excuse for not backing intuitive insights up with thorough research. Once everything's up and running we work hard to optimize your campaigns and maximize ROI.

C. We understand branding

Your brand existed long before you hired our team, and we do everything in our power to make sure it's honored in every campaign. The wrong media mix can damage reputation and waste valuable ad dollars.


Our Congress Avenue location

We're situated right in the heart of Austin, where the old meets the new. That's what inspires us to combine timeless advertising principles with the latest technologies and approaches—ensuring you get real results in record time.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.