Austin Experiential Marketing

At PR Hacker, we "keep Austin weird" every day with unforgettable experiential events. We work with brands all over the city to create these experiences, from a million dollar music industry conference to two guys on a street corner with a GoPro. Our clients range from B2B brands to CPGs, and from the smallest startup to multi-million dollar brands. Whatever the size and speciality of your brand, we can create an event that makes sure Austin will never forget your name.


Our experiential marketing philosophy

A viral stunt is nothing if it doesn't ladder to key messages about your brand. So, before we brainstorm any ideas, we work with your brand to align on strategy.

Then, we create an experience that puts the consumer first—drawing them in while incorporating our brand vision. We do this by delivering value to the consumer—whether that's excitement, happiness, entertainment, or even information—and using it as a vehicle for our message. We constantly stay on the cutting edge of the evolving practice of the consumer experience, encouraging consumers to share and spread the word about our event.


Our experiential marketing process

At PR Hacker Austin, our in-house teams of copywriters, experiential marketers, graphic designers, video producers, and data analysts drive content and production. In addition to the creation of your actual event, digital, social, and PR outreach keeps audiences excited and engaged with your brand long before and after.

Before the experiential event begins, we employ mass media PR techniques to pitch local Austin journalists inviting them to attend the event and share it on their platforms. We also publicize the event on your social media channels, slowly getting your audience excited to attend (or even stream it from the opposite coast). During the event, we deliver real-time social media posts, engage with customers, and live-stream. And when the event ends, we're still pitching media and posting on social media to maximize ROI.


Austin location

We're located in one of the most popular destination hotspots in Austin. Our office is next to some of its most iconic sights (like Republic Square and Voodoo Doughnut), making it the perfect spot to stage an impromptu viral video or gather natives and tourists alike for a giant flash mob. And we live-stream it all with the gorgeous background of buildings like the Austin Public library. At PR Hacker Austin, we're bringing the fun and the flash Downtown.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.