Nashville's Top CSR Agency

The Windy City is full of powerful companies—but with great power comes great responsibility. We're dedicated to helping our clients help the Chicago community, the nation, and the world one CSR campaign at a time—all while advancing their brand and business goals.

Our CSR Philosophy

A. Results not words

Chicago is a city of straight shooters—and Chicagans can easily tell disingenuous corporate messaging from genuine altruism. Bad CSR is vague. Good CSR is concrete, and data-driven. We nail your message, sure, but we also make sure that message is backed up by demonstrable results.

B. Strengths not tangents

Every person has a special talent—something they're uniquely well positioned to do. The same holds for brands. Your company's location, history, resources, and team leave you specifically well suited to solving a specific set of problems. We tailor our CSR campaigns to companies, instead of employing a one size fits all mentality

C. Stories not advertisments

The best CSR campaigns tell stories—because only stories, not advertisements, go viral. PR Hacker weaves your campaign through with emotional triggers, compelling social sharing and skyrocketing your story to national attention.

Our Chicago location

Our location on one of the most happening streets in Chicago (Kinzie Street) keeps us engaged in the world around us, and sparks innovation on how to improve it. So if you're looking for a national CSR agency with local presence, look no further than PR Hacker Chicago.

Let's change the world together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.