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Because multimedia content is crucial to conversion, it's an essential part of brand messaging and communications. Our video production services go beyond words to tell a story, so our message is still communicated regardless if our target audience is watching without sound. We grab viewer attention in the first couple of seconds, create emotion, and spur them to share an idea. And we do it all at the speed of trending content.


Chicago video production philosophy

We don't make video just for the purpose of populating your website or social feeds. While others try to guess what content viewers will share and create it, we analyze what kind of content our target demographic is sharing already.

Then, we provide our audience with something similar that adds a new piece to the puzzle. However, the ways one adds value to a conversation is different depending on the medium. The content that shares well on Facebook is always different from what trends on Twitter, and we always adapt our strategy to take this into account. We apply our in-depth knowledge of video SEO to get your videos seen through search, regardless of which platform we're creating on. And, once we've gotten our videos in front of our target eyes, we create a hook so compelling it just has to be shared.

Within the first couple seconds of a video, we capture viewer attention—and keep it until we're done delivering our message. From eye-grabbing thumbnails to creating a talking cat tech correspondent for Mashable (yes, that was us), we're constantly creating new hacks to engaging our viewers.


Video production process

We help you articulate exactly what it is that makes your product so special—and then we communicate this message in multimedia form by activating different types of emotions. PR Hacker is one of the most sought after Chicago film production companies because we love to tug on heartstrings and inspire actions, but we also are experts at triggering laughter and optimism.

Each emotion effectively conveys our message and makes it shareable. In addition, it ladders to your milestones—because a viral video is of no use if it doesn't move the needle on your goals. We always have an eye to distribution, and our videos always speak to your brand's positioning. We also have personal relationships with many of the tv production companies in Chicago because we make corporate videos as well as online videos specifically made for viral sharing.


Chicago location

Our Kinzie Street location places us right in the heart of Chicago. Find PR Hacker employees enjoying music at the House of Blues, taking a brainstorming walk on the Chicago Riverwalk, or gathering inspiration at The Art Institute of Chicago. Our location on one of the most happening streets in Chicago leads us to reach our full level of creative potential every day. At PR Hacker, we're basking in some of Chicago's most inspiring history—and creating the future.


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Let's create amazing together

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