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What is Experiential Marketing? Experiential marketing is when an event is thrown around a brand or product in order to drive brand awareness and build connection with potential users. If you're seeking to pull off a game-changing event, you've already finished the first most important steps.

One, you're in Chicago: whether you're a big brand or a startup, you've got one of the world's most exciting cities as your playground. Two, you've come to PR Hacker: creating amazing experiential events is our bread and butter. We've worked with brands all over the city, from major CPG brands to up-and-coming startups, from Hyde Park to Uptown. Our experiential events are designed to inform, enlighten, inspire, and delight the consumer — while drawing them into our brand vision.


Our event marketing philosophy

Why are we different from other Experiential Marketing agencies? Unlike other Chicago event agencies, we'll tell you that integrating the consumer experience is not just your single event. Rather, it's a constantly evolving practice: At PR Hacker, we believe that defining, mapping, and quantifying the consumer experience are crucial elements to ensure that integration occurs seamlessly.

We value "you-first" experiences instead of "me-first" experiences. Our Chicago experiential marketing department believes that building loyal fan bases requires brands to think as a consumer. We put ourselves in their shoes to determine what types of experiences we would love—what makes us happy? Excited? Informed? Entertained?

With those values as a platform, we use mass media, social media, and grassroots opportunities to drive your brand message. This engagement keeps our audience "always on"—engaged and excited—long after the doors close.


Our event marketing process

Our "you-first" approach allows us to predict customer habits and behavior with incredible accuracy—the more an organization knows what its consumers want, the easier it becomes to create a personalized experience and boost brand loyalty. To start that engagement before the event even begins, we deliver content to the consumer in several different channels.

First, we pitch stories to the Chicago media to get our audience excited to attend. We also invite local media to attend to ensure live coverage. Then, we roll out fun social media posts to speak directly to our audience. We offer real-time social media posting, customer post curation, and live-streaming during the event—so even people outside of the zip code can tune in.


Our River North location

We're proud to one of the most beautiful parts of the Windy City our home. We can cross the State St. bridge when we want to head into downtown, then retreat back to River North when we want to focus away from the hustle and bustle. Being a stone's throw away from the Loop not only gives us access to some of the best venues—it means we're connected to the heart of the city. Millennium Park, perfect for on-the-street style events, is just a short walk. Our Chicago office is easily accessible from the L by way of Grand or State/Lake, with a beautiful view of the river.


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