Chicago's Top SEO Firm

Chicago is full of competitive, web savvy local businesses. That's great for customers looking for options, but difficult for webmasters trying to rise above the din. Luckily PR Hacker understands how to take your business's local presence from the 10th page to the 1st spot, using white-hat techniques only.

Our SEO philosophy

A. Good writing, good SEO

Good writing is clear writing—and what's clear to your readers is also clear to Google. While some agencies farm out content creation to foreign content agencies, or pass it off to marketers, we keep a crack team of local writers who sleep with Strunk and White under their pillows.

B. Good UX, good SEO

UX is a fancy acronym that just means the experience a user has on your site—and you better believe Google cares about it.

If users land on your page and leave immediately it informs Google's algorithm that you're putting up bad or irrelevant content. Bang, you're on the 2nd page or lower. Luckily PR Hacker throws usability testing into our SEO package, to ensure your site's visitors get what they came for.

C. Good partners, good SEO

Long gone are the days where webmasters could buy a bunch of spammy backlinks and shoot to the first page of search results. Google understands now better than ever which backlinks are authoritative, and which are junk. We create long-lasting partnerships with top-tier publications, who send backlinks, and serious authority, your way on a regular basis.

Our Chicago location

Find us on Kinzie Street, right in the beating heart of Chicago—full of activity, and competition as well. We understand how to keep your SEO competitive, with a scientific, results focused approach to organic ranking.

Let's create amazingtogether

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.