Chicago Media Planning Agency

PR Hacker helps our Chicago-based clients find which media platforms are best suited to their brand, goals, and budget—ensuring every marketing dollar spent achieves maximum ROI. We're experienced working across television, press, radio, and new media.

Our Media Planning Philosophy

A. We understand people

Working with statistics all day it's easy to start thinking of people as numbers—when, of course, every customer is unique. We build audiences less around lazy demographic tags, and more around psychological personas that accurately account for buyers' wants and anxieties.

B. And data too...

Although our mindset is human focused, our methodology is 1000% data-driven. We derive strategies from past experience and hard quantitative reasoning: either by looking at the success of parallel campaigns, or through running sets of small experiments to test our hypotheses.

C. We build brand

Every time you reach a potential customer you have the opportunity to brand yourself, though few companies capitalize. Branding needs to be part and parcel of media planning, and we make sure the media mix we assemble accurately reflects your brand values and demographics.

Our Chicago location

When it comes to Chicago media planning agencies, look no further than PR Hacker Chicago. Our Chicago public relations firm has offices on bustling Kinzie Street just next door to the House of Blues. If you’re looking for a national agency with a local presence to help you with your media planning needs, look no further than PR Hacker Chicago.

Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.