Chicago Social Media Marketing Company

Our Chicago office offers a full suite of digital marketing and social media services for B2B and B2C businesses of any size. We have experience with content creation, community management, and social growth services across industries from fin-tech to finance.

And, just like we work cross-functionally across industries, we also have mastery of each different social media platform—including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest. Whether we're doing public relations for a pet food company or a wearable tech startup, we have an intimate knowledge of the content cycle—allowing us to scientifically form the perfect call to action or film a viral video.


Our social media philosophy for Chicago

While other people call going viral a fluke, we call it a science. We've developed a unique blend of using empirically backed tactics and meshing them with our our expert story-telling capabilities that we developed in our public relations sector.

Unlike other marketing companies, we're able to nearly guarantee virality with our industry-leading multichannel storytelling method. This involves conveying a brand's messages over time across different social channels.

We use story arcs, dramatic tension, and character development to spark emotion and keep our followers engaged. And we target different audiences to refine our messaging—A/B testing two different emotional triggers, or differing calls to action. We're constantly working to create more effective content and hack growth, so we can get the most bang for our social media buck.


Our Chicago social media marketing process

Chicago is one of the most thriving economies in the world, which means our brands are always competing in a crowded landscape to be heard. Because of this, we know there's no time to waste spending months sitting on our hands. We produce content at lightning fast speed, sending you an editorial calendar immediately after exploring each of your social media Chicago channels in detail.

Each piece of content is loaded with viral triggers that activate emotions and drive social shares—and our team will devise tailored pieces of content for different audience segments over the course of our engagement. This allows us to engage all types of audiences, whether they're industry experts or casual consumers.


Chicago location

We're located at Kinzie Street, right at the heart of Chicago. Find PR Hackers taking the perfect Snapchat at the House of Blues, brainstorming social concepts on the Chicago Riverwalk, or updating their Instagram with pictures from the Art Institute of Chicago. We're constantly inspired by our surroundings and love to bask in the Chicago history around us.


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Let's create amazing together

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