San Diego Event Marketing Agency

San Diego's beautiful beaches are the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable experiential event—and our San Diego event team works closely with all types of brands to create them all over the city, from a flash mob at a tech conference to a street corner with a GoPro. Our portfolio of clients ranges from small startups to major CPG brands, so we can work with all types of budgets to create events that inform, enlighten, inspire, and delight onlookers while inspiring action.


Our experiential marketing philosophy

Our San Diego experiential marketing and brand activation agency holds one rule above others: "you-first" experiences work, while "me-first" experiences will always fail.

We always put ourselves into the shoes of consumers to brainstorm event concepts, asking ourselves, "What type of experience would surprise and delight us?" Doing this allows us to build a loyal raving fanbase for our brand, instead of creating a transparent event that obviously pushes a product. We always deliver value to consumers first and foremost, whether that's happiness or information.

Then, we use that value as a vehicle to deliver your brand message. And we reinforce this message after the event ends by finding ways to generate content for digital, social, and public relations. This keeps your audience engaged with your brand.


Our experiential marketing process

Our experiential marketing events are always brainstormed and executed with an eye to mass media, social media, and grassroots opportunities. So we define, map, and quantify the consumer experience before, during and after our event to fully maximize our impact across all of our brand's channels.

Before the event, we pitch different types of stories to San Diego media. Each hypes up the event, inviting journalists to attend or even just tell their audiences about it. We also create social media posts that get your audience excited—and we ensure they'll be able to tune in from afar if they're not locals. During the event, we post real-time on social media—plus, we live-stream it. And after the event, we pitch the media about its impact and share highlights on social media.


San Diego location

We're located close to both nature and the industrial part of the city, allowing us to curate all types of experiential events. We can walk a couple blocks to the Pacific Ocean to host a beach extravaganza. But we can also head up to the Gaslamp Quarter and film funny "on-the-street" type promos for our events. We're a national agency with an established local presence, allowing our seasoned creative team to execute events both large and small.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.