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Branding is about more than logos and slogans. PR Hacker San Diego digs beneath the surface to tell your brand's unique story, using every tool at our disposal. Our digital branding agency has worked with hundreds of clients across dozens of industries — from small B2C startups to multinational B2Bs — and know how to tell your story in the right voice to the right people.


Our brand design philosophy

Nobody knows your brand better than you, so you need a design agency who can communicate your brand message. However, a 3rd party perspective can help clarify your message, define your audience, and identify the channels to reach them through. Having done many campaigns as a San Diego PR firm, we can attest that proper brand messaging goes a long way in getting reach in different channels. At the beginning of every campaign we host a meeting with your top team to establish the key components of your brand's identity. If a client struggles to define those key components in a few words (most do), we drive a structured discussion to gain clarity on the problem we're solving, and the solution we offer.


PR Hacker operates with an "outside > in" branding process:

  1. First we create a reality check matrix that defines the landscape your brand exists in.
  2. Next we deploy near-instant feedback consumer surveys to understand what motivates different buyer segments to take action.
  3. Then we define what promises your company is making to its customers, and how to deliver on them; competitor promises are also audited, to make sure your brand has adequately differentiated itself.
  4. Finally we create the name and narrative that will really bring your brand to life — identifying how users will engage with and share your story across the right social channels.


Our brand creation process

Brand creation is the skeleton, brand strategy is the muscle, and brand graphics — like logos and icons — are the skin. We build your graphic identity only after identifying the driving forces behind it:

  1. We brainstorm images that viscerally communicate your brand story.
  2. We derive colors, fonts, and iconography based on your brand values.
  3. We identify a central design concept that distills your identity, and create our logo around it.

Once we build out the visuals, we work on voice — the personality we want to your messaging to convey.


San Diego location

Our office is located smack-dab in the middle of downtown San Diego, walking distance from the iconic Gaslamp Quarter and Harbor Drive, and a field-goal kick away from the beautiful Pacific ocean. So if you’re looking for an agency with national reach and a local presence, look no further than PR Hacker San Diego.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.