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Good writing, good UX, good on-page optimization, and an authoritative backlink profile. Those are the ingredients of a successful SEO strategy in a nutshell. PR Hacker knows how to nail each one of these elements, ensuring your company achieves maximum visibility.

Our SEO philosophy

A. Good UX is good SEO

It's 2018, and UX is a major ranking signal. If users land on your page and stick around Google understands your site is high-quality and relevant. On the flip side if the land and leave, you'll be knocked down the results pages. That's why PR Hacker usability tests your landing page to ensure users find what they're looking for.

B. Good writing is good SEO

While some agencies knock out reams of mediocre content, stuff them with keywords, and call it a day, PR Hacker understands good writing is good SEO. Strunk and White is as relevant in SEO as it is in journalism. Clear, well-written content informs Google of your topic, and keeps users coming back, weeks, months, and years down the road.

C. Good partners are good SEO

Other agencies buy large numbers of spammy links, hoping for a quick boost. We build long lasting partnerships with top-tier publications, ensuring a steady stream of authoritative links from key players in your space. We also think in terms of value added: how can we be helpful to your partners, so they naturally want to link to our content?

Our San Diego location

Our office is located smack-dab in the middle of downtown San Diego, walking distance from the iconic Gaslamp Quarter and Harbor Drive, and a field-goal kick away from the beautiful Pacific ocean. So if you’re looking for an agency with national reach and a local presence, look no further than PR Hacker San Diego.

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