San Diego Influencer Marketing Agency

San Diego is home to giants in the biotech, software, defense, and telecommunication spaces. Whatever your company does, and whoever your market is, PR Hacker influencer agency will match you with the right influencers — using its network of bloggers and social media stars to spread your story with an organic voice.

Every campaign we launch is crafted around our clients' unique brand identity and company needs. That's how we deliver industry-leading ROI to our clients across the nation. So if you're looking for a PR company that understands influencer marketing depends on finding the right personality for the right brand, then drop us a line.


Our influencer marketing philosophy

We've met every influencer in our network face to face — we attend their events, and they attend ours. That's why we're so good at matching clients with the right influencers, building authentic relationships that extend beyond transactional marketing.

We also keep an eye peeled for up-and-coming social media stars, as we believe they attract the most engaged fanbases; Kim Kardashian may have a lot of followers, but even the ones she didn't pay to follow hardly look to her as an unbiased source for shopping tips. Every time a client signs up, we search through our thousands-strong network to find voices that matter, and can reach the people who care.


Our influencer marketing process

PR Hacker's approach to influencer marketing starts with measurable goals and ends with concrete results. This was informed by our experience as a cutting edge digital public relations firm.

At the start of the process we work with your top team to understand the targets your company wants to hit. Then we dive into our network, identifying the voices and platforms best suited for pushing your unique brand message. Once we've found the right fit, we create rich, meaningful content that will delight an influencer's audience, while maintaining your brand. One of our most successful strategies is offering fans early access to our client's product — building buzz, while kickstarting adoption.


San Diego location

Anyone who's visited San Diego will admit it's one of America's most beautiful cities — unless they're too jealous. That's why we're so proud to have our San Diego office located smack-dab in the middle of downtown San Diego, blocks away from the iconic Gaslamp Quarter and Harbor Drive. If you’re looking for a PR agency with national influence and a local presence, drop our PR Hacker San Diego office a line.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.