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Bloggers bemoan the death of writing — but we're not that upset. The written word was a tool used by a minority of people for the majority of history, whereas a funny cat video would have even a caveman laughing. Video is natural storytelling, and that's why the media landscape is getting more visual by the day. In fact, brands can no longer get by without an effective multimedia strategy.

Luckily PR Hacker can deliver in record time.


Our video marketing philosophy

What's the point of making videos if nobody watches them? Other video production companies take a "if we shoot it, they will watch" mindset. At PR Hacker we use our public relations background and rigorously study what types of videos your audience is already sharing, before crafting a tailored message, and clicking record ourselves.

We also understand the medium is the message. The type of videos that go viral on Twitter are different from those that take off on YouTube. Before any kind of event production, we work with you to identify the ideal channel to reach your audience on, then determine an effective hook to spark sharing — from engaging thumbnails to talking cats.

Finally, we dive into video SEO. Surprisingly, most video marketing companies don't know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google — with a ranking algorithm every bit as complex. We keyword optimize your content to ensure viewers are finding your videos long after the initial push.


Our video production process

What makes you most proud of your company? At PR Hacker we find what makes your brand unique, and weave it into a compelling story. We succeed when your audience finishes a video with a strong emotion in their chest, and your name stuck in their mind.

We also understand, however, that emotion is most valuable when it inspires action. That's why we craft our emotional triggers around your company's objectives — the end of our story spells the beginning of a purchase or share.


San Diego location

Anyone who's seen San Diego wants other people to see it as well. We're proud to tell visual stories in one of America's most visually stunning cities, blocks away from the city's iconic Gaslamp Quarter and Harbor Drive. If you're looking for a video production agency with local presence, national influence, and a cinematographer's eye, drop our PR Hacker San Diego office a line.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.