San Francisco Brand Strategy Firm

If you're looking for digital agencies in San Francisco who dig deep to tell stories, and have the video production capacity to boot, you've come to the right place. When it comes to branding a company, we go beyond creating thoughtful, visually-dominating logos-- we dive into all the elements of expression to put the unique selling points of our brand top-of-mind with our audience.

In the heart of SOMA, our San Francisco team is in the perfect spot to help small, early stage start-ups from Y Combinator and TechStars develop their go-to-market strategy, but we've also helped major brands like Milk Bone refine their brand messaging to reach new audiences through influencer marketing and digital public relations.

Our SF branding philosophy

We believe an outside perspective delivers a significant impact in shaping what message is heard, by whom and how. We meet directly with the executive team to explore the key components of the brand, leading the team through a structured discussion that more specifically defines the problem we’re solving.

To understand the external forces, landscape, and strategic context in which the brand exists, we've pioneered a four-factor "Outside > In" discovery process:

  1. What is the state of the market? A reality check matrix gives stakeholders a more clear definition of the landscape in which your brand plays.
  2. Who is most likely to respond to our brand — and how do we activate them? Using real-time consumer surveys, we probe audiences to understand what motivates different segments to take action.
  3. What promise does our brand make to users and stakeholders—and how do we live up? We review promises made by competitors to develop messages that differentiate the brand and connect to consumers.
  4. What name and narrative helps brings our brand to life for our users? We examine how users and stakeholders will engage with and share our brand story—across different channels and formats.


San Francisco brand strategy process

With our brand story in place, we develop the icons, graphics and guidelines to align with the strategy: We define our visual territory.

We identify images that translate the brand story into something more visceral. We set clear brand identity guidelines. We explore how we want to use color, font, and iconography to convey our brand values. We arrive at our logo.

We derive a central design concept that cuts through the noise and brings our brand story to life. Not content with the visual components alone, we move on to refining our brand expression—the real, tangible assets like voice and personality that make our brand ready for relationships with our users.


San Francisco SoMa location

PR Hacker loves the Bay Area and strives to be one of the top branding agencies in San Francisco. From our San Francisco location, we've got a seat with some of the biggest brands in the world—our immediate neighbors are AirBnB, Twitter, and Uber.

Next door, we've got tech startups and ambitious businesses ready to take off. Our location gives us an up-close look at how brands are defining themselves to stay competitive—and let us see what leaves a memorable impression in our industry. We use media monitoring and social media tools to understand the current conversation, then we define a unique voice to give you ownable territory.


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