San Francisco Social Media Company

At our San Francisco office, we offer content creation, community management, and social growth services across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Since San Francisco is one of the main hubs for innovation in the country, we specialize in social media for both B2B and B2C businesses of all sizes—and have an in-depth knowledge of how to engage each unique audience.

From scientifically testing the perfect call to action to filming a viral video in our in-house studio, we've run social media channels for companies from pet food CPGs to beauty and style to finance ... and of course, to tech companies.

How we use social media

With its roots being a digital PR company, PR Hacker has evolved to become one of the top social media companies in San Francisco. We create consistently viral content with our pioneering "multichannel storytelling" method on constant attention to digital and influencer trends.

Whether it's wearable tech or a groundbreaking finance app, we convey key brand messages over time—using story arcs, dramatic tension, and character development to engage our followers on multiple social channels. And we approach these stories scientifically, targeting different audiences to see if we can activate different emotions or formulate the perfect call to action. Finally, we work every day to hack growth—getting the most bang for our social media buck.

Our process

News moves incredibly fast in San Francisco, so we produce content at blazing speed.  After taking a deep dive into each of your social channels, we present you with an editorial calendar comprised of content infused with viral triggers.

Each piece of content activates emotion and compels sharing. You'll have your first piece of content in a couple of days, and our creatives will tailor different kinds of content over the next couple of months to different audience segments—whether they're serious VCs or casual consumers.

San Francisco SOMA location

We're located near SoMa—in the heart of startup central. We're only a couple blocks away from Uber and Twitter on Market Street and Airbnb on Brannan Street. But we're also neighbors with groundbreaking startups that will soon be household names. In fact, the 10 block radius where we work is the epicenter of some of the most transformative companies in the world. At PR Hacker San Francisco, we have a front row seat to history—and we're making it ourselves, whether we're taking over the channels of a big brand or intimately crafting the brand voice of the next Google.

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Let's create amazing together

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