San Francisco Video Production

The media and public relations landscape gets more visual by the day. That's why effective multimedia content has become such an essential part of strategic brand communications. With our San Francisco video production services, we can go beyond words to tell a story, tap into emotion, and create the urge to share an idea. Historically, video content took a long time to create — but PR Hacker moves quickly to deliver video at the speed of trending content and breaking news.

San Francisco video production philosophy

We don’t make video for the sake of making it. Our strategy differs from the industry norm of “if we build it, they will come.” We take into account what kind of content a target demographic is already sharing, and ask ourselves, "how can we provide them with something similar, while adding value to the equation?"

Additionally, we always keep in mind the end-destination of a piece of content. The content that goes viral on Facebook is vastly different from what spreads quickly across Twitter or YouTube, and this is reflected in our strategy.

While video SEO is a mystery to many, we know exactly which tactics work to get your videos seen through search. What's the point in making videos if nobody watches them, right? Regardless of platform, though, an effective hook is crucial to success on social. We've got an arsenal of hacks to ensure that we grab "the ball" of attention in the first 5 seconds without dropping it until we've finished delivering our message. Sometimes, all it takes is an interesting thumbnail. Other times, it takes a lot more ... like outfitting Mashable with their first-ever feline tech correspondent at SXSW. Yes — we did that.

San Francisco video production process

At PR Hacker, we're experts at helping brands find their pride points, and at articulating these through real, valuable, visual stories. Whether we're intending to inspire actions, tug on heartstrings, or evoke laughter, we've got a knack for using video to convey a message, and arouse emotion, leaving viewers begging for the next story. When we’re crafting our video content, it’s done in conjunction with other key client milestones. Distribution is top-of-mind from the time the product is conceived, and the product always speaks to the brand’s positioning.

San Francisco SOMA location

We’re located in SoMa, the heart of startup central. Only a few blocks from our very own San Francisco-based live-ready, 4K Blackmagic Studio are the offices of Uber and Twitter on Market Street and Airbnb on Brannan Street. And of course, we're right around the corner from Samy's Camera, just in case we need some last-minute gear. Amazingly, the 10-block radius around where we work is the epicenter of some of the most transformative changes in human history.

Nowhere else can 10 engineers with a dream create a multi-billion dollar enterprise in under two years. If we’re indeed witnessing a new Renaissance — driven by software and technology that is eating the world — then San Francisco is the new Florence. And at PR Hacker, our bay area video production team is visually documenting history at work every day.

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Let's create amazing together

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