San Francisco's Top Digital Agency

Where would digital marketing be without the Bay Area— you might as well ask "where would Rock and Roll be without The Beatles?"

Even John Lennon would struggle to imagine.

Facebook, Google, Adobe, Dropbox: the companies that pioneered the digital marketing field also happen to be PR Hacker's neighbors. At our San Francisco digital agency, we're inspired every day to push the envelope of digital marketing, and give our clients nothing less than revolutionary results.


Our digital marketing philosophy

A. We tailor approach

Cookie cutter approaches don't work in digital marketing. Great digital marketing starts with understanding client goals, and matching those goals with the right platforms.

B. We craft message

Regardless if we're promoting your company through Facebook posts, blog content, or Instagram videos, messaging must be on brand and consistent. That's why PR Hacker starts campaigns with message first, platform specific strategy second.

C. We deliver gold

Unlike other digital marketing agencies who claim to be full service—but in reality outsource key functions to sub-standard freelancers— we also don't use anyone who doesn't share our IP address. We have an in-house team for every discipline— writing, social, video production, and PR— ensuring top-notch results from beginning to end, with no artificial markup.


Our digital marketing process

1. First we strategize

Would it make sense to build a house by building the roof first? Definitely not. A digital marketing campaign is no different. Before starting a campaign, we identify client goals and objectives. Once client goals are clarified, we source the best platforms to broadcast our client's messages.

2. Next we create

You wouldn't ask a coder to write a blog article, or an account manager to splice a video. Good content depends on getting the right person for the job. Our blog posts are written by dedicated writers. Our videos are cut by professional video producers. Our social campaigns are orchestrated by social media rockstars. Which means our talent is your talent.

3. Then we execute

As the old saying goes, an idea is only as good as its execution. We're a creative agency who knows how to get things done—then iterate, and get them done even better week over week.


Our SOMA location

We're located near SoMa—aka digital marketing central. But it's not just startups getting their name out there in scrappy ways, it's the established powerhouses as well. From AirBNB, to Uber, to Twitter, we're right in the middle of it all. Innovation runs deep in San Francisco, and we're adding our own chapter every day.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.