San Francisco Experiential Marketing

San Francisco is the perfect backdrop for an amazing brand experience — and our San Francisco experiential marketing office works closely with brands to create unforgettable experiential events here in the city, be it at a million-dollar Bay Area tech conference or a street corner with two guys and a GoPro camera.

With a portfolio of clients ranging from major pet food brands to premium CPG brands, our experiential events place the San Franciscan consumer front and center — informing, enlightening, inspiring, and delighting all of the senses while drawing consumers into our brand vision.

Our brand of SF event marketing

Our San Francisco experiential marketing department believes in creating "you-first" instead of "me-first" experiences. To build a loyal raving fanbase for your brand, you must put yourself in their shoes: What type of experience would surprise and delight them? We first and foremost aim to deliver true value to consumers, be it in the form of happiness, excitement, joy, information, or entertainment.

We then use that value as a vehicle to deliver your brand message. And unlike other event marketing agencies, our San Francisco office believes that great experiences shouldn't end when the doors close.

We believe a great experiential event is also a fantastic opportunity for content creation, so we find ways to generate content for digital, social, and PR applications — extending the impact by keeping your audience engaged and excited about your brand.

Our SF experiential marketing process

Our experiential events are built with mass media, social media, and grassroots opportunities in mind — and that's why we define, map, and quantify the consumer experience before, during, and after to ensure seamless integration across channels.

Prior to the experiential event, we pitch stories to the San Francisco media, inviting them to attend or to tell their audiences about it. We also tease the event with social media posts to get your audience excited — even if it's just to tune in and experience the fun digitally.

During the event, we offer real-time social media posting, customer post curation, and live-streaming. And it's not over when the event ends — post-even media pitching and social media posting helps us maximize your ROI.

San Francisco SOMA location

We're located near SoMa—in the heart of startup central. We're only a couple blocks away from Uber and Twitter on Market Street and Airbnb on Brannan Street. But we're also neighbors with groundbreaking startups that will soon be household names. In fact, the 10 block radius where we work is the epicenter of some of the most transformative companies in the world. At PR Hacker, we have a front row seat to history—and we're making it ourselves, whether we're taking over the channels of a big brand or intimately crafting the brand voice of the next Google.

Let's create amazing together

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Let's create amazing together

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