SF Influencer Marketing

Our San Francisco office — top among influencer marketing agencies here in the City — offers holistic influencer marketing services for all types of companies. We work side-by-side with our diverse network of bloggers and social media stars to shout your brand message from rooftops with Bay Area influencers — without being overly promotional or gimmicky.

Whether you're a big pet food brand like Meow Mix or a small Silicon Valley tech startup, our organic, earned-value influencer marketing programs are tailored to your needs to ensure the quickest and most effective path to ROI. While we work with lots of early-stage companies, we also excel at collaborating with established enterprise businesses that call San Francisco home.

Our SF influencer philosophy

While paid influencer outreach is transactional, organic outreach builds deeply loyal raving fans. That's why we're friends with influencers — we attend their events and even invite them to ours!

As a leading San Francisco influencer marketing agency, we strongly believe in the disproportionate leverage of up-and-coming influencers — with virtually untapped potential, these bloggers and San Francisco social media influencers have a rapidly growing base of authentic fans who are much more engaged than paid followers but are overlooked by most agencies.

By cultivating organic, mutually beneficial relationships with these types of influencers, we foster loyalty, increase engagement, and maximize ROI without over-selling or over-promoting. Our San Francisco office's wide-ranging influencer network — both local influencers like San Francisco instagrammers and national influencers— allows us to segment by location, vertical, and format to find the perfect matches for your brand and optimize your results.

San Francisco influencer marketing process

Our process begins with discovery, when we work closely with our clients to identify campaign goals. Then, using multi-channel discovery across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we evaluate which influencers have the audience reach, topical focus, and social media following needed to help us achieve those goals.

Once we've identified the best-fitting influencers, we offer them unique text, visual, and video content that helps them delight their audience, while also providing in-kind or early access to our client's product, as well as other unique gifts and benefits. The end result is authentic, compelling content that promotes our client's brand message, features links to their website, and contains beautiful visuals that followers will want to share on social media.

San Francisco SOMA location

We're located near SoMa—in the heart of startup central. We're only a couple blocks away from Uber and Twitter on Market Street and Airbnb on Brannan Street. But we're also neighbors with groundbreaking startups that will soon be household names. In fact, the 10 block radius where we work is the epicenter of some of the most transformative companies in the world. At PR Hacker, we have a front row seat to history—and we're making it ourselves, whether we're taking over the channels of a big brand or intimately crafting the brand voice of the next Google.

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